That was true. All the food that the hospital provided tasted like rotten wood. On some days she refused to eat because it tasted so bad. She wondered how people could even eat that stuff. Just thinking about the food made her stomach turn.

Uisdeann slowly pulled her legs up and held them close. Even though the potatoes were not cooked yet, the light aroma from the kitchen made her mouth water slightly along with her stomach demanding food. She frowned at the tight feeling on her abdomen, resting her head on her knees. Man was she hungry.

With things beginning to settle, he was able to step away and got to the demand of the kettle just as it began to whistle. Setting her tea into its mug, he picked it up and brought it over to her.  ”Be careful. Maybe let it rest for a few minutes before drinking it okay?” As he sat down next to her, he took one of her hands and placed the mug in it. “There you go. Want me to get you anything else?”

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Eva: “Well this is fucked.”

eva-sinclair ]]

"What do you mean?" Kien looked over at Eva.  After being let go officially from Salma, seeing her younger sister was not something he had complete want in.

Maybe Uis hitting Kien instead: ✹POW!✹



Slap to the face.

Time for a hallucination- ))

Uisdeann jerked her wrist out of his grasp and striked the palm of her hand across his face. “No! Let go of me-!” she screamed, pulling her other arm from Kien, “Don’t hurt me again!” Once more she tried to hit the older ginger, then backed into a wall, pressing her back to it. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she shook her head, indicating him to not approach her, "Get away from me-" 

uisdeann-udolf: Yep ; v ; ]]

It was strange. She was starting to get a little rough and he was only trying to calm her.  He did not hurt her, but only held her wrist to try and get her to stop flailing. After being struck, he stared at her in utter shock.  The sting from her hand was strong on his cheek as the skin began to redden. “U-Uis…” he said calmly.  He couldnt even speak in terms after what had happened.

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» bastille lyric starters (bad blood album)


  • "You’ve lost control."
  • "Do you like the person you’ve become?"
  • "I won’t show my face here anymore."
  • "In my mind it’s like you haunt them."
  • "You said you always had my back."
  • "These little things define you forever."
  • "We sure as hell have nothing now."
  • "Do you understand that we will never be the same again?"
  • "You have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve."
  • "Let’s finish what we’ve started."
  • "How am I gonna be an optimist about this?"
  • "Where do we begin?"
  • "Can you feel it?"
  • "They tried to kill my brothers."
  • "You always take it further than I ever can."
  • "How am I gonna get myself back home?"
  • "Look who’s digging their own grave."
  • "It scares me half to death."
  • "I feel overjoyed."
  • "What is there to gain?"


She bit at her lower lip and pulled at her sleeve for a moment. As long as she could do some tings on her own, she was going to do so. Right now, the only thing other than the loss of sight that hindered her mobility was the lack of strength in her legs. Once she was passed that obstacle, then maybe she could try to walk.  ”Oh… Yes, I would like some..” she replied in a small voice, followed by a nod. 

Since he was in the kitchen and hearing her okay to start. He gathered the needed items and placed the kettle on the stove to heat up.  Prepping her tea cup, he soon went to preparing their meal.

"So, this’ll be a nice first meal outside the hospital." He spoke, cutting the potatoes into thin slices. "It’ll be easier on your stomach too since what they give is different."

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                      I DO NOT HAVE A VOICE
           DO NOT MISTAKE MY
                                        FOR WEAKNESS
                     AND WE’LL SEE WHO’S WEAK THEN

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» Horrible Truths ||Starter Sentences||
"I wish I could lie, but I can't, and I honestly think that..."
"The truth is..."
"Okay, fine, you want the truth?"
"The truth is going to hurt... a lot."
"I'll tell you the truth."
"Now, how about we hear MY side of the story since yours is so obviously a lie?"
"The truth isn't just going to hurt, it's going to burn."
"Please tell me the truth.. please? Even if it hurts..."
"Don't! Don't lie to me anymore! I want the truth!"
"You need to hear the truth from me, nobody else."
"I want the entire truth, no lies, no leaving anything out. Got it? Good."
"Just, please... don't lie this time.."
"They say the truth will set you free. Let's apply that to this situation, shall we?"




Uisdeann healed onto the chair as Kien pushed her inside the house. The familiar smell that she missed so much helped relax her muscles. This was so much better than the cursed hospital. Since they were inside, she pulled on the small tie that held her hair, and let the now longer, choppy locks fall to her shoulders. “I can… wait on the couch while you cook…” 

"That would be best," he said, bringing the chair over to her sofa. Stopping, he moved so he could step in front of her. "Want me to help lift you up?"  He took his hand and brought it to hers, readying himself if she wanted him to do so.

Once the chair was parked next tot he sofa, Uisdeann reached out and grabbed the arm of the couch, ” I can do it by myself…” She might have lost some strength in her legs but not in her arms. the smaller redhead pushed up and shifted herself over to the couch, plopping in it once she was comfortable. “…Thanks though…”

Again, she held such a stubborn act. Kien had to give it to her. Uisdeann wasn’t one to just lay down and give up.  She’d work with what ever strength she could until the end. “I shall start dinner then.  Would you like any tea?”

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                                   all his life he’s been told
                                   he’ll be
nothing when he’s old,
                                           all the kicks and all the blows
                                           he won’t ever let it show,
                                   because he’s STRONGER
                                   than you know, a heart of
                                   STEEL starts to grow.

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» Reblog if you think that Mike Zakarius is a gentle giant

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